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Anderson Community Schools (ACS) provides the highest quality teaching to promote meaningful student learning, academic growth, and achievement. The district invests in professional development and continuous school improvement so that our students are provided the best possible opportunities to meet and exceed their full potential.

To support these expectations for teaching and learning, ACS:

  • Operates as a Professional Learning Community, which uses collaborative grade-level and content area teams to: 
    • Establish what students should know, understand and be able to do.
    • Assess and analyze student learning.
    • Adjust teaching practices to meet the academic needs of all students.
  • Provides highly skilled instructional coaches in each of our schools to support and grow all teachers through individual or collaborative team coaching sessions, model teaching, professional development workshops, and more. 
  • Through periodic eLearning days, allows more extended time for teacher professional development workshops, required trainings, and collaborative team planning and work.
  • Provides multiple and ongoing formal opportunities for teacher leadership across many important areas related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and special programming.