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School Library Materials

House Bill 1447 requires that Indiana school districts publicly post a list of their library materials and provide a process for individuals that wish to challenge any of these materials.

A complete listing of library materials at Anderson Community Schools can be found below.

School Key

AHS = Anderson High School
AES = Anderson Elementary School
E2 = Eastside Elementary School
EDG = Edgewood Elementary School
ERSK = Erskine Elementary School
TSE = Tenth Street Elementary School
VGE = Valley Grove Elementary School
AIS = Anderson Intermediate School
HMS = Highland Middle School
Southview = Southview Preschool Center

In addition to the Anderson Community Schools’ corporation website, this webpage is linked to each of our schools websites listed above under the “About Us” section.

Challenges to Library, Media, and Other Supplemental Materials

The Anderson Community Schools’ Board of Trustees approved Policy 9800 titled “Challenges to Library, Media, and other Supplemental Materials” on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. This policy sets forth the process by which individuals can challenge school library materials.


Parents or guardians, having custody of any student enrolled in the school corporation or a community member who lives within the school corporation boundaries may request that the removal of library, media, and other supplemental instructional materials on the basis the materials are obscene or harmful to minors as defined in Indiana law according to the following procedures: 

1.) A person having a concern about the use of library, media, and/or other instructional materials should first discuss the concern with the school librarian.

2.) If the individual is not satisfied after the discussion with the school librarian, the individual should contact the building principal to discuss the matter.

3.) If the individual is not satisfied after talking with the building principal, the individual may further the inquiry for a removal of the material in question by completing a Request for Removal of Library, Media, and/or Other Supplemental Materials form available in any school office and submitting it to the building principal.

4.) Upon receipt of the completed form, the building principal shall request a review of the challenged material by a review committee within fifteen working days. The challenged material shall remain in use during the review process.