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Weather Information

School Closings / Delays
During the months when inclement weather may affect the normal operation of schools, we must be prepared with a plan of action to ensure the safety of students and staff.

General Procedures
  • Please listen to the radio or TV for school information and DO NOT CALL the transportation office or the individual schools.
  • We have a system that calls all main contact phone numbers in our student enrollment system. It is IMPERATIVE to keep the school updated with any new telephone or address information so you will receive a call from the system informing you of delays or closings.
  • Please keep in mind that not all inclement weather conditions will result in delays or closings.
School Delay / Closing AM
A decision to delay the start of school or to close school will be made as early as possible. The delay or closing announcements will be made on the local radio and tv stations and the ACS Facebook page.

Early School Dismissal
In the event that school must be dismissed early, each student should know how to get into the home or know where he or she should report. An emergency early release plan should be on file with the student's school for each student. Make arrangements other than for your student to use the telephone to decide what to do. The announcement to close early will also be on the local radio stations.

Bus Routes
When school is open, bus drivers will attempt to make all the regularly scheduled runs and stops. However, drivers must use their judgment to determine if parts of the route cannot be traveled due to heavy drifts, blocked roads or road passages being too narrow. Please have students dressed in accordance with the weather just in case the weather or road conditions cause some delays. The students may be asked to walk to a main road that is passable for the bus.

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