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AHS Rube Goldberg Does It Again!!

Congratulations to the AHS Rube Goldberg Machine Team for being awarded 2nd place for this year's National Contest!
This year's event was totally online and marks the third time AHS has earned top awards at the national level (2018 second place, 2012 third place).
The team of six students created a 32 step machine that would "Shake and Pour a Box of NERDS Candy."
The team also earned a special recognition for "Most Creative Use of a Lamp" sponsored by the Sylvania company.
The team is proud to represent AHS and the Anderson community.
Mr. David Perrel, team sponsor, would like to recognize the students for all the hard work during a difficult school year.
 Landon Alumbaugh
 Chrissy Ziuchkovski
 Liam Griffith
 Damaurion Menifee
 Hannah Knost
 Timothy Ziuchkovski