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New Student Enrollment


Provided below is contact information for scheduling an appointment to enroll new students at Anderson Community Schools. When enrolling a new student, a parent or guardian should bring the child with them along with their: birth certificate, proof of address, and vaccination records.


To register students ages 3-5 for pre-K at Southview Preschool Center please contact Colette Smith by phone (765) 641-2360 or by email at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Grades K-5

To register students in grades K-5 please contact the Registrar at the elementary school in the district where they live:

  • Anderson Elementary School - Contact Monique Sawyer by phone (765) 641-2109 or by email [email protected].
  • Eastside Elementary School - Contact Summer Craib by phone (765) 641-2101 or by email [email protected].
  • Edgewood Elementary School - Contact Denisa Babb by phone (765) 641-2119 or by email [email protected].
  • Erskine Elementary School - Contact Kimberly Pratt by phone (765) 641-2099 or by email [email protected].
  • Tenth Street Elementary School - Contact Linda Erny by phone (765) 641-2103 or by email [email protected].
  • Valley Grove Elementary School - Contact Tina Hite by phone (765) 378-3393 or by email [email protected].

If you are unsure which elementary school your child will attend please enter your address here.

Grade 6

To register students in the 6th grade at Anderson Intermediate School please contact Latrell Dryden by phone (765) 641-2047 or by email [email protected].

Grades 7-8

To register students in grades 7-8 at Highland Middle School please contact Sharon Boyd by phone (765) 641-2059, ext. 7014 or by email [email protected], to schedule an appointment.

Grades 9-12

To register students in grades 9-12 at Anderson High School please contact Rosemary Rogers by phone (765) 641-2037 or by email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.