Grants Programs

The Anderson Education Foundation (AEF) is pleased to release our 2023 Impact Grant application. The focus of AEF, and the Impact Grant program, is to enhance classroom experiences for students. We want to help provide them with experiences that are exciting, eye-opening and empowering.

Click here to access the application form.

Proposals are due Monday, April 3, 2023.

Please email Aimee West at [email protected] with any questions.

AEF fully-funded ALL applications for this teacher grant program cycle.  
Here are their awarded projects: 
  • Hamer Science Project: "From Seed to Garden", Adam Roberson, HMS, $571.30
  • "Showcasing Student Success", Ryan Kardash, AHS, $1000.00
  • "Young Learners Growing into Independent Writers", Leigh Ann Stephenson, Anderson Elementary, $931.84
  • "Reward and Conquer", Laura Raper and Adam Roberson, HMS, $488.00
  • "A Step in the Right Direction", Laura Raper, HMS, $240.00
  • "McVicker Reading "Rhythm, Rhyme, and Reading", Leigh Anne Stephenson/Carrie Barnett, $333.53
  • "2(Infinity and Beyond), Christy Jones, COMPASS, $1,000.00
  • "Math Munching Mathematicians", Debra King, Anderson Elementary, $525.00
  • "Blue Skies and Less Anxiety", Paul Partezana, AHS, $272.92
  • "One Kid, Two Kid, Each Kid, Teach Kid", Holly Gingrich, Anderson Career Campus, $700.00
  • "RELATE", Sean White, Anderson Elementary School, $500.00
  • "Strengthening Reading Skills of Choral Readers",AHS, Kendra Kirby, $803.00
  • "Curtain Up: Building Character through Theatre Arts", Karen Sipes, HMS, $1,000.00
  • Emerson Reading "Books not Chromebooks", Dana Dickerson, Anderson Elementary, $1,000.00
  • "Sensory Soothing Supplies", Kate Smith, Tenth Street Elementary, $282.75
  • "Social Emotional Learning: The Need is Now", Carrie Barnett, Anderson Elementary, $650.00
  • "Page Turners", Elizabeth Perry, Anderson Elementary, $1,000.00
  • "Fiber Arts Quilting and More III", Stacia Partezana, AHS, $406.00
  • "Lego Robotics", Brandon Bailey, Project Lead the Way-HMS, $500.00
  • "Student CPR", Angie Bingaman, $357.90
  • What a wonderful morning spent with our ACS educators, principals, and students! 
Lisa McVicker Reading Grant 
  • Early Chapter Reading Books - Heather Smith, Valley Grove Elementary
Joyce Emerson Elementary Grant
  • Get Your Silly On! - Dana Dickerson, Anderson Elementary
Stephen Hamer Science Grant
  • Saving More than Energy: 75 Stops - Dave Perrel, Anderson High School
Hiles Music Grant 
  • Piano Exploration Lab - Amanda Lindorf, Erskine Elementary
Detour Dream Grant
  • Dental Tech Program - Wendy Bailey, D-26
General Grant Recipients
  • Sarah Ralston at AIS: “Penny Whistle Club.”
  • Misty Adams at D-26: “Got Food? It Does a Brain Good!”
  • Linda Boyd-Williams at Anderson Elementary: “Bowling Abatement.”
  • Beth French & Kristi Proctor at AIS: “Food Chains and Webs.”
  • Amanda Lindorf at Erskine Elementary: “Piano Exploration Lab.”
  • Jennifer Myrick at Edgewood Elementary: “STEM for Them.”
  • Susan Sawyer at Anderson Elementary: “All Are Welcome Here.”
  • Brandon Bailey & Grant Garber at HMS: “Prototyping with Pens.”
  • Adam Roberson at HMS: “Make Your Voice Heard.”
  • Debra King at Anderson Elementary: “Phonemic Awareness & Flexible Seating Reading Classroom.”
  • Stacia Partezana at AHS: “Clay Extruding.”
  • Dana Dickerson & Erica Gephardt at Anderson Elementary: “Book Access for All & Get Your Silly On!”
  • Heather Hodson at Anderson Elementary: “Habla Usted Ingles?”
  • Julie Chelli at D-26: “College & Career Fair.”
  • Victoria Replogle at Erskine Elementary: “Flexible Seating.”
  • Wendy Bailey at D-26: “Make the World a Better Place.”
  • Kristal McCorkle at COMPASS: “Little Free Library.”
  • Kelly Syverson at COMPASS: “Fidget Friends.”
  • Kyle Douglas at COMPASS: “Day of Gratitude.”
  • Chuck Graybiel at COMPASS: “Rap Battle.”
  • Laura Raper at HMS: “Cracking the DNA Code.”
  • Jenny Hunt & Sally Miller at HMS: “The IXL Challenge.”
  • Kirsten Lindhurst at AHS: “Looking Great in the Spotlight.”
  • Tammy Blalock at Eastside Elementary: “Free Little Library & Interesting Insects.”
  • Leighanne Stephenson at Anderson Elementary: “Creating a Cultural Classroom.”
  • Carrie Barnett at Anderson Elementary: “Bringing Play Back to Kindergarten & Literacy at its Funniest!”
  • Sonia Caldwell at Anderson Elementary: “Literacy Learning: A Coaching Model.”
  • Deon Worrel at Edgewood Elementary: “STEAMing into the Future with Robotics.”
  • Colleen Murphey-Prange at Edgewood Elementary: “Building Up the Engineers of Tomorrow with Robotics.”
  • Emily Caldwell at AHS: “Classroom Capitalism”
  • Dave Perrel & Josh Dillard at AHS: “Saving More Than Energy: 75 Steps to Turn Off a Light & VEX Robotics: Tower Takeover.”
  • Natalie Britton at Valley Grove Elementary: “Beginning a Garden and Habitat.”
  • Carla Lee at Tenth Street Elementary: “Kinder-STEM.”
  • Carol Phillips at Valley Grove Elementary: “Listening to Discover Literature.”
  • Richard Ziuchkovski at AHS: “Clemson Calculus Challenge.”
  • Jodi Thompson at Valley Grove Elementary: “Scholastic News and Science Magazines.”
  • Heather Smith at Valley Grove Elementary: “Early Chapter Reading Books.”
  • Jessica Wirsch at Southview Pre-School: “Hazel: Love on a Leash.”
  • Jessica Swisher at Erskine Elementary: “Kinders Need to Wiggle & Explore.”
Lisa McVicker Reading Grant
  • Lexiled Library -Tammy Blalock, Edgewood Elementary
Joyce Emerson Elementary Grant
  • Animals in Nonfiction Text - Tammy Blalock, Eastside Elementary School
Stephen Hamer Science Grant
  • BREAKFAST AT RUBE’S - Dave Perrel, Anderson High School
Hiles Music Grant **New in 2017**
  • Drumming Up Success - Amanda Lindorf, Erskine Elementary School
General Grant Recipients
  • Awareness of Disabilities! - Carol Analco, Anderson High School
  • Bringing Genetics to Life - Leah Perry, Anderson High School
  • Clemson Calculus Challenge-Richard Zuichkovski, Anderson High School
  • College and Career Fair - Betsy Dugan/Julie Chelli, D-26 College & Career Center
  • CPR for Life -Craig Stephenson, D-26 College & Career Center
  • Curtain Up! Shrek Jr. - Karen Sipes/Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • Diversity In Literature - Paul Partenzana, Anderson High School
  • Drumming Away for a Better Day - Staci Miller, Edgewood Elementary
  • Engaging & Empowering Leveled Chapter Book Sets - Brett Yoder, Eastside Elementary
  • Enhancing the T in STEAM for Makerspace - Julie Morse, COMPASS
  • Exploring Machines with K’nex - Grant Garber, Highland Middle School
  • Food Chains and Webs - Beth French/Kristi Proctor, Valley Grove Elementary
  • Greenhouse Equipment - Andy McCammon, D-26 College & Career Center
  • Help Makey Makey Science Fun - Heather Bigoss, Eastside Elementary
  • In Touch with Tomorrow - Kelly Heath, Edgewood Elementary
  • LEGO Learning and STEAM - Suzanne Wheeler, COMPASS
  • Let’s Get Dramatic 2018 -Karen Sipes/Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • Literacy Through Music - Judy Kimmer, Tenth St. Elementary
  • Nonfiction Resources for Research Papers - Jennifer Myrick/Vicki Buck, Edgewood Elementary
  • Programming Flying Drones - Ben Hook, Highland Middle School
  • Seeing Art in 3D - Kim Anderson, Anderson Elementary
  • Something Fishy About Growing Plants - Micah Dean, Highland Middle School
  • STEAM Cart - Treva Bostic, Valley Grove Elementary
  • Strengthen Our Program & Strengthen Our Community - Wendy Bailey, D26 College & Career Center
  • Tower Gardens: from STEAM to STEAMED - Skipper/Knost/Perry, Anderson High School 
Lisa McVicker Reading Grant
  • Loving Literacy Footprints - Jeanette McMahon, Erskine Elementary
Joyce Emerson Elementary Grant
  • LEGO My Math - Carol Phillips, Valley Grove Elementary
Stephen Hamer Science Grant
  • Rolling with Robotics/SPHERO - Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
General Grant Recipients
  • Always Choose Kind - Mary Ann Wildman, Highland Middle School
  • Bowling Abatement - Linda Williams-Boyd, Anderson Elementary
  • Classroom Amplification System - Mary Weeks, Valley Grove Elementary
  • Clemson Calculus Challenge - Richard Ziuchkovski, Anderson High School
  • Creating Readers in 180 Days! - Kirsten Gray, Edgewood Elementary
  • Critical Thinking Through Creative Outlet - Julie Morse, COMPASS
  • Curtain Up! Building Character Through Theatre Arts - Karen Sipes & Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • I CAN - Carol Analco, Anderson High School
  • Playwrights, Producers & Players: Let’s Get Dramatic - Karen Sipes & Brandon Bailey, Highland Middle School
  • Shakespeare in the Spring - Tiffany Jackson, Anderson High School
  • STEM Mayhem! - Laura Raper, Highland Middle School
  • Therapy Dog - Kristal McCorkle, COMPASS
  • Wobble and Learn - Kim Weis, Erskine Elementary