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Interim Superintendent's Page » 2020-21 Reentry Plans

2020-21 Reentry Plans

(From the Introduction to the ACS 2020-21 Reentry Plan)
     Anderson Community School Corporation recognizes that children learn
better in a physical environment. There is better progress in both academics and in
the students’ social and emotional growth. It is with this in mind, that ACS is
following the lead of the Governor of the State of Indiana, as well as the Indiana
Department of Education recommendations, and reopening school for traditional
attendance for 2020/2021.

      ACS has coordinated with both the Madison County Board of Health and the
other school corporations within Madison County to establish common procedures
and practices to maximize education as well as provide safety to those attending.

     This document sets forth operating practices in several key areas. These
practices are divided into those ACS will follow in a Low Viral Spread,
Mild/Moderate Spread, and Wide Viral Spread environment. The procedures listed
here are also subject to change as local county mandates change, or upon new
executive orders from the Governor. Each school may vary slightly in its
application of these procedures without compromising student and staff safety.

     Returning to school during a pandemic is something new to all of us, and it
can be quite frightening. ACS offers a virtual school option for students whose
parents do not feel comfortable with their child/children returning to the traditional
school environment. If you have questions about this option, please talk with your
student’s principal.

     We realize and acknowledge that not everyone will agree with the following
procedures . ACS is here to provide your student with a top-quality education and
to ensure his/her safety. We will do everything within our authority and within the
bounds provided to us by the State of Indiana to accomplish this task. We know
you are sending us your children and we take your trust in us very seriously.