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Student Bus Behavior: What is expected


Be Cool, Follow the Rules!
Parents should teach their children proper bus behavior to help ensure the safest trip possible.
Students who do not follow the rules on the bus will be written up and disciplinary action will be imposed by the child’s dean or principal.
Three write ups could result in loss of bus privileges!
Bus drivers are not baby sitters. It is their job to get children back and forth to school safely!
When on the bus, children should be taught to:
  • Take their seats immediately
  • Move over to allow another student to sit in the seat with them
  • Never stand or switch seats while the bus is in motion
  • Keep aisle clear
  • Talk quietly among themselves
  • Never throw objects on the bus
  • Never throw objects out the windows
  • Never put head or arms out the window
  • Never use foul language
  • Be courteous and respectful of other students and the bus driver
  • Always obey any instructions given by the bus driver
  • Never push or shove when exiting the bus at the school or their bus stop
If you know of a problem that is happening on your child’s bus, feel free to talk to the driver. They are there to ensure your child gets to school safely, but remember, they are only one person with up to 66 children sitting behind them. They are not always aware of every incident that happens on the bus.