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Snow Days

From Dr. Joseph Cronk, Chief Operations Officer
Information Regarding Weather Calls for ACS
Weather and road conditions are always monitored. The last evening checks are done by 11:30pm, and begin again each school day at 4:00am. Some factors that are used are road, intersection, and bridge conditions. Visibility and road-edge identification play a factor as well. We also consult with neighboring school districts.
Delay or closing calls are made the night before if possible taking into account all available data. Sometimes, the calls cannot be made until the morning. You may not agree with the call or the timing, but we take it very seriously.
Just because the temperatures are at 0° or below does not always mean a delay or closing. The National Weather Service lists the 30-minute frostbite warning zone beginning at -19°. We start to look at an action around -10° air temp, or -15° windchill, taking many factors into account.
Bus stops are not under the control of ACS. Property owners are responsible for clearing their areas, and the city is responsible for streets. ACS cannot take any clearing action to properties it does not own. In a protracted winter, we must still go to school even if stops are snow covered. We advise buses to move slowly and take safety into consideration.