Which school will my child attend?  Is there a map of each school's boundaries?  Where is the bus stop?  We will answer these and other questions on this page.


Click on this  link and it will take you to a website that will help you determine the school your student is eligible to attend. Just enter the student's information (STREET ADDRESS OF YOUR RESIDENCE AND GRADE LEVEL) and click 'Go.' 

Use '0K' for Kindergarten.  (zero K)

Bus information, when available, may also be found on the WebQuery website.  This will include the bus number as well as the closest bus stop(s).

rating_star  Elementary School Boundary map 

Highland Middle School (grades six through eight) and Anderson High School (grades nine through twelve) encompass the entire district.

Killbuck Kindergarten Extension is for Kindergarten students who will attend Eastside Elementary and Valley Grove Elementary Schools.  These Kindergarten routes will be posted after the Open Houses on August 1, 2013.

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