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Superintendent's Message

The Year of the FAMILY
As superintendent I am happy to report that Anderson Community Schools continues to make positive changes as a school district in a variety of ways, but during the 2016 - 2017 school year, we are focused on involving our families.

Each of our buildings has developed plans and is ready to inspire your children with our "We Believe" campaign. As stated, our focus is on our ACS families. We will be reaching out to our community as we have entitled this year "The Year of the Family."

Every school within our district has specific plans to encourage and increase parent participation as this is one of the keys to student success. Another key is student attendance. We are pleased that we have improved our attendance rates in many of our buildings; however, we need to hold everyone accountable, students, parents, and staff for being in or at school every day. Students cannot learn if they are absent, parents have to believe in education as a key for their child's future and teachers cannot be replaced by a substitute.

We are beginning our third year focused on attendance and each of our secondary schools has a Truant Officer. Their responsibility is to ensure students have the opportunity to excel by being involved in school on a daily basis.
I am pleased to announce that this is our second year of our commitment to improve relationships between the school and the home through the employment of two Life Coaches.

Mr. Samuel Jackson works as a liaison between Highland Middle School and the home and Mr. Kojak Fuller is the liaison for Anderson High School and COMPASS students and the families of these secondary buildings.

On June 23, 2016, our School Board of Trustees met and outlined a Strategic Plan from July 2016 - June of 2019. Below is one example of a goal and the intentional focus we have in meeting this goal.

Goal: Improve district-wide operations and communication through intentional engagement within the community and with ACSC families by:
  • The development of Community Forums (Quarterly Meetings)
  • Through Increased visibility of administration in the buildings (including Board Members)
  • Surveying Families to find out their needs and how they view their students' academic success
Thanks to a united group of educators we are pleased to inform you that our graduation rate at Anderson High School continually improves. The graduating classes of 2014 and 2015 had graduation rates of 90 percent. The preliminary numbers indicate that the class of 2016 is above 90 percent with final numbers to be reported by October 1, 2016.

Mr. Eric Davis is the principal of Anderson High School and his three assistant principals are Mr. Brad Milleman in charge of operations, Mrs. Ellen Pickett oversees academics. Mrs. Kelly Durr is the Director of our District 26 Career Center on 38th Street. The combined years of experience for this high school team at Anderson Community Schools are over 60 years.

Mr. DJ Suchocki is the new principal at Tenth Street Elementary School and there are a few new deans at a variety of our schools. Mr. Courtland Peters is the new dean at Anderson Elementary School, Mrs. Heather Holiday is the dean at Highland Middle School, and Mr. Carey House and Mr. Robert Brown are deans at Anderson High School.

As a school system we will continue to place student needs as our top priority while always focusing on innovative and creative ways of providing a safe and orderly environment providing our students with a quality education.

If you have a need to contact our central office administration please know that we are here to inspire and encourage your children in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Central Office personnel have the following responsibilities; however, the list is not inclusive. Do not hesitate to contact one of us at any time and we will direct you to the appropriate person to take care of your student's educational concerns.

Mr. Ryan Glaze oversees instruction, innovation, and elementary schools. Mrs. Amanda McCammon is responsible for college and career, community engagement, and secondary schools. Dr. Tim Smith works with our Special Services Department and human resources while Dr. Joe Cronk and Mr. Kevin Brown are our Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Board members are Dr. Pat Hill, President; Mr. Tim Long, Vice President; Mrs. Irma Hampton-Stewart, Secretary; Mr. Ben Gale, member; Mrs. Jean Chaille, member; Mrs. Stephanie Moran, member and Mr. Jim Wright, member.

Welcome back!

Terry Thompson